Become a paid content creator with Trippas White Group

In-House Content Creation Competition

The Brief
Trippas White Group are on the hunt for photography/videographer/content creators and we want to reach out to you, the budding up and coming talents already working with us. We know you have a passion for food & drink and no one knows our venues and their stories better. Let’s kickstart your content creator passion by helping us bring these stories to life!

How to apply

Step 1: Visit the venue armed with your camera and showcase your creative talents. We’re on the lookout for engaging Reels, TikToks, and social media photography that narrates your venue’s story while staying true to our brand identity.

Step 2: Share your entry with us by emailing it to Your content could find a home on our social media pages.

Step 3: Stand a chance to win one of three $350 Westfield gift vouchers for content that truly impresses us.

Step 4: But that’s not all! We’ll also be reaching out to add you to our roster of paid photographers if we find your content style suitable for future projects.

Don’t forget to carefully review the Terms and Conditions before getting started.

Terms and conditions