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Barefoot Consulting, can help design your Environmental, Social and Governance messaging, accurately measure and report carbon footprint report and provide advice to offset or reduce emissions for your next event, big or small.


Carbon Offset Collaboration

More and more companies are setting goals to ensure their major activities and events align with their carbon offset goals. In this spirit, Trippas White Group has collaborated with Barefoot Citizens Consulting.


What We Are Doing

Trippas White Group is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Barefoot Citizens Consulting. This collaboration creates a framework for our portfolio of restaurants, bars, cafes, and event spaces to accurately measure and offset carbon emissions across all events.


Why This Matters

Our partnership with Barefoot Citizens Consulting underscores our commitment to sustainability and prioritising Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. We recognise the significant carbon footprint associated with the events industry and are committed to proactive measures to minimise our environmental impact.


How It Works

Barefoot Citizens Consulting helps design ESG messaging, measure and report carbon footprints, and provide advice to offset or reduce emissions for events, big or small. They work with Trippas White Group to accurately measure and report carbon emissions, identifying opportunities to effectively offset or reduce emissions across our many hospitality venues.


Quotes and Statements

“Listening to our valued investors, partners, employees, and event attendees, we understand that environmentally conscious practices are not only favoured but expected. We intend to stay ahead of the curve and be part of the change to help move the industry forward in the right direction.”Jenifer Dwyer Slee, Head of Sales for Trippas White Group.

“At Barefoot Citizens Consulting, we believe in profit with purpose,” says Natalie Simmons, Founder of Barefoot Citizens Consulting. “Our partnership with Trippas White Group reflects the broader shift from environmentally conscious businesses to implementing sustainable solutions in their day-to-day practices. We’re looking forward to working together to push forward meaningful environmental progress in the events space.”


Commitment to Sustainability This initiative forms part of Trippas White Group’s broader commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. This includes offsetting emissions and physically reducing them through energy-efficient practices, waste minimisation, and fostering ongoing collaborations with like-minded organisations in the realm of sustainability.

Participating Venues

Trippas White Group participating venues include the Sydney Opera House Yallamundi Rooms, Centennial Homestead, Botanic House, Terrace On The Domain, Reign at QVB, ESQ Bar & Dining, Infinity Sydney Tower, Bar 83 Sydney Tower, The Lookout Echo Point, and Mary Mae’s Bar & Dining